14.12.2016, H 18.30 Arper Christmas Wishes 2016

Into the Arper showroom to take a health to Christmas 2016 and to present the new interior project designed by Lievore Altherr studio

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Helix is the first wooden chair to be featured in the B-Line catalogue and just a few months after its launch at the 2016 Salone del Mobile in Milan has already received international acclaim and won the 2016 Good Design Award.



Helix’s dynamic structure is created by the continuously changing geometrical cross-sections of its frame and its strong evocative powers. Designed in the Favaretto & Partners studio, “the modelling of the rear leg was achieved putting a 5-axis digital control machine seriously to the test to recreate the shape of early 20th century two-blade aeroplane propellers on which the initial cross-section changes as they rotate on themselves whilst gradually increasing in height. The characteristic graphic feature on the “corset” version increases the uniqueness and comfort of this chair for the user: the backrest is made of spiral-laced elasticised cord which, as we said, reminds us of the lacing used on 19th century corsets.”


The 2016 Good Design Award, set up by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design Athenaum and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies in 1950, is still today one of the most prestigious acknowledgements at international level for design excellence across the world. 

The jury gathered in New York and Los Angeles in October and selected candidates from more than 46 countries from hundreds of industrial design and graphics projects. They then chose from amongst the winners the projects that best express good design values


Giorgio Bordin, B-Line’s managing director says “Helix was the Company’s first approach to wooden seating made of solid beech. We have great expectations for this collection, which is now starting to be distributed on the international market. It’s a chair people love, probably due to its multi-faceted construction and appearance, which make it highly particular and give it an identity of its own. Investments for the collection will continue to be available and we envisage creating a family that also features other versions. Helix is in fact a crossover product, which can be used both in the contract and residential sectors.” 


Helix, along with the other winning projects will be published in the 2016-2017 GOOD DESIGN Yearbook.


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01.12.2016 Arper’s showroom in Milan gets a makeover

Arper’s showroom in Milan gets a makeover that meets planners’ needs


Arper’s growth on international markets began in Milan, the world capital for industry. It is here in 2011 that Arper first opened its showroom, which has become a place for architects and interior designers to develop their projects and get inspired.


Then followed 11 more showrooms in the world’s foremost capitals, from London to Stockholm, from Dubai to New York, and to the recent opening of the Tokyo’s showroom last November.


The year 2016 comes to a close for Arper with the opening of the refurbished showroom in via Pantano in Milan, which underwent a total makeover signed by the Spanish design studio Lievore Altherr.

The interior design project created for this space reflects an essential and contemporary elegance that matches and highlights the style of Arper’s collections, sharing unique and simple designs that express timeless values.


Wood is the absolute protagonist of the project, a material which the Lievore Altherr Studio has chosen to connect the different areas of this contemporary space giving it a warmer, relaxing and conducive atmosphere.


As Jeannette Altherr, LA Studio, explains, “wood creates a sense of continuity between the different areas of the showroom, thus expressing a coherent vision. It connects the area at the front, where visitors are received, to the area at the back of the showroom housing the workspaces and meeting rooms, also leading to the basement floor dedicated to design activities and experiments and to meetings with architects. Coupled with the extensive use of wood, the new stylish and minimalistic design of the refurbished space highlights the collections on display” .


The natural light coming in through the windows overlooking via Pantano and through the outdoor courtyard at the center of the showroom, strongly characterizes the space and emphasizes its volumes. Compounded by a specially redesigned lighting concept, it enhances colors and fabrics of the products on display and highlights details in upholstery and finishes.


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24.11.2016 Tecno opens a technological space at the service of designers in Madrid

Tecno is reinforcing its Spanish market presence, in continuance of its strategy of dominating the main international markets that since 2013 has led to the opening of Tecno spaces in the main international capitals, such as London and Tokyo, part of a path that will continue in 2017 with other openings in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.


Tecno is inaugurating Tecno Madrid on 24 November in the Spanish capital, a multifunctional space that will be home to the complete Tecno experience and expresses all the intricacies of the brand’s DNA, characterised by contemporary design and high technology.

A technological space, with lighting through the windows facing onto the historic and elegant Paseo de Eduardo Dato in Madrid, in the central Serrano area. As stated by Giuliano Mosconi, Tecno chairman, these are “200 m² created with the idea of a home for expertise that offers architects, interior designers, planners and specifiers with technical solutions for products and space layout within complex, sophisticated projects, in the area of contract.”


Giuliano Mosconi continues: “Taking centre stage in this space will be the innovative io.T Intelligence of Tecno system, the first system in the world that makes furnishings smart, integrated and interconnected. A central transparent cube, created with the W80 partition wall, integrated with the io.T system to permit control of access, the room booking system, videoconferencing, microclimate management, lighting, to name just a few of the functions that are already reality thanks to io.T.”


The installation will also be characterised by the collections that have lent the brand global recognition: the P40 armchair by Osvaldo Borsani, the Nomos table by Foster&Partners, the Pons seats by Rodolfo Dordoni, as well as the recent Vela seating collection by Lievore Alter Molina, this year’s winner of the ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) Golden Compass and the Clavis table collection presented at Orgatec in October.


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18.11.2016 De Castelli opes to a delegation of architects selected by Casabella

De Castelli opes the Factory to a delegation of forty designers from Milan selected by Casabella, one of the most prestigious and historic architecture Magazine

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17.11.2016, H 18.00 Arper meets Japan

On November 17th, Arper debuts its flagship showroom in Tokyo, located in the Aoyama district.


“We are so honored to be here - says Claudio Feltrin, Arper President and CEO – we’ve always looked at the Japanese culture as a source of inspiration for our approach within our product collections design. Our design is the result of what we call the “pursuit of the essential”: simple, singular forms that aim to be timeless elegant. Objects that feel spontaneous while being clearly the result of rigor and precision. This philosophy comes from a deep respect towards the Japanese culture, master of these values. At the same time Arper brand also deeply embodies the Mediterranean culture: vibrant colors, playful moods, creativity and family feeling belong to the Italian background and naturally blend with the design of our collections”.


Tokyo showroom represents a milestone for the company, that foresees the possibility of building a long lasting collaboration with the design community of Northern East Asia.
Arper Tokyo showroom will also be home to the company Arper Japan K.K., part of Arper Group. The local team within Arper will oversee the company’s sales and operations in order to serve at best markets of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. 


“Service is essential to us, we want to make sure we can guarantee our customers the same service and assistance level worldwide. We are working to build a strong presence in Japan, in order to support our strategic partners in the Northern east Asia area. With this purpose, we set up an operational hub, located in Tokyo, allowing us to centralize manufacturing and logistics in Japan, thus reducing the leading time and ensuring presence and assistance to customers of northern east Asia, based on the same model we successfully experimented in the Usa market”, says Claudio Feltrin.


Arper Tokyo showroom is located within the luxury and high-end design district of Aoyama. The two floors space is extended on 300 square meters and showcases the company’s unique vision, that blurs the boundaries between residential and work styles, featuring furnishing solutions that go beyond function alone and combine simplicity, flexibility and beauty.


Arper will showcase its collection of products including chairs – task, lounge and contract models, sofas, tables, acoustic panels and accessories. Among them, latest collections presented at the Salone del Mobile 2016: the successful Catifa family, Parentesit Free standing panels, Parentesit wall mounted acoustic panels and Meety table, all designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. Furthermore, the space will be displaying a wide selection of most representative Arper collections shaping the brand identity: Pix ottomans and tables by the Japanese designer Ichiro Iwasaki,  the brand innovative Kinesit task chair, unique with its variety of combinations and colors, the playful Juno chair by James Irvine. Among most successful collections also further collections will be displayed in the forthcoming months: the Steeve sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud, Cross table by the Italian designers Metrica, Nuur table by Simon Pengelly, winner of the prestigious international award Compasso d’Oro.


Arper Tokyo Showroom
HT Jingu Gaien Bldg. 8F
2-7-22 Kita Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-0061

T +81 (0)3 5775 0008

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14.10.2016, H 18.00 Presentation of the book "I wanted to be a cowboy" of Luigi Feltrin - Arper

Presentation of the book «I wanted to be a cowboy»: the life story of Luigi Feltrin, founder of Arper Company. Luigi Feltrin, his son Claudio and the author of the book Gian Domenico Mazzocato will talk about it during the CartaCarbone Literary Festival.

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07.10.2016 De Castelli, Tecno and Ever Life Design in the ADI Design Index 2016

ADI introduces the Design Index 2016, the publication that collects the best italian design. Among the selected Scandole by De Castelli, Tecno with io.T and Bounce by Ever Life Design

26-23.09.2016 B-Line takes part in Cer-Sail, the collective exhibit of Cersaie 2016

B-Line takes part in Cer-Sail, the collective exhibit curated by Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli, where furnishes a marine agorà. The new concept wants to enhance harbour areas with products selected for hospitality, commercial and cultural spaces.

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23-30.09.2016 De Castelli launches new surfaces at Cersaie Fair

For the first time De Castelli takes part in Cersaie Fair for launching the new wide surfaces collection for walls and floors, indoor and outdoor, made of the metals and the new finishes the Company produces and works with. 


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07.07.2016, H 18.30 Arper organizes the meeting "Critical Design"

We are glad to invite you at Arper meeting titled “Critical Design”.



Nicola Leonardi, The Plan Publisher



Antonio Bosio, Head of Product Innovation Samsung Italia
Marco Piva, Architect and Studio Marco Piva founder
Francesco Zurlo, Professor and Coordinator of the Product Design Course at Politecnico di Milano
Claudio Feltrin, Arper President

July 7th 2016
Meeting from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm
Cocktail to follow until 9.30 pm

Arper Showroom
Via Pantano 30

20122 Milano


To confirm your participation please fill in the participation form before July 4th at following link.

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23-23.06.2016, H 19 Let's celebrate Tecno and its fifth Compasso d'Oro ADI Award

Let's celebrate Tecno and its fifth Compasso d'Oro ADI Award assigned to Vela seat designed by Lievore Altherr Molina Studio.


June 23rd h. 7 p.m., Tecno Showroom


Caselli di Porta Garibaldi Piazza XXV Aprile, Milan

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14.06.2016, H 17 Vela by Tecno awarded with the 24th Compasso d'Oro ADI


VELA, the family of seats designed by the Lievore Altherr Molina studio for Tecno, is the winner of the 24th ADI (Industrial Design Association) Compasso d’Oro with the following statement: “Compasso d’Oro for a research resulting in an elegant product, light, technological and solid integrating brilliantly ergonomics and aesthetic”.


The award ceremony took place on June 14th at Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan, the same date that saw the inauguration of the exhibition bringing together the 237 products candidate for the Award.

VELA is a powerful expression of Tecno’s thinking, always inspired by rationalistic design represented in its most elegant and discreet form.

The clean, essential line, with no visible mechanical elements, conceals sophisticated “responsive” technology that allows it to adapt its position automatically according to the weight of the user. Vela, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, is suitable to blend into office environments, soft-contract and residential settings. The family proposes a vast range of models available with different bases, finishes and combinations of materials/fabrics for seat and backrest.

VELA will contribute to extending the heritage of the Fondazione ADI Collezione Compasso d'Oro (ADI Golden Compass Collection Foundation), recognised as “of exceptional artistic and historic interest” by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage, which since 1954 has collected the Italian design objects that have won the prestigious Award.


Tecno, founded in 1953, receives its fifth Compasso d’Oro with VELA. Previous Compassi include a Career award in 1988, for the cultural quality expressed in product systems and in graphics.

Tecno has blended design and innovation from the beginning, involving all stages of design, from the product to the interior, and wedded the requirements of representation, quality, comfort and functionality.

Its extensive historical collection includes products such as the P40 armchair and D70 divan, which were to become design icons.


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14.06.2016, H 17 Honourable Mention Compasso d'Oro ADI to Tuck-Type by Ever



Tuck-Type, designed by Gianni Arduini and Marco Frigerio for the Italian company Ever by Thermomat, received an Honourable Mention at the 24th Compasso d'Oro ADI for its innovative interpretation of the shower seat with a “for all” design approach and awareness that an efficient product offers universal and inclusive solutions.

The innovative Tuck-Type wall seat shower guarantees support, safety, comfort and functionality through the use of the soft polyurethane and an integrated mechanism, Thermomat patented, which allows you to lift the lower part of the seat and to configure and reposition it vertically after use, thus freeing the shower area.


Ever realizes contemporary design bath products that offer a change of perspective and nourish our needs with formal simplicity and ease of use, without becoming intrusive and occupy the space by imposing their functionality.


The design for all is one of the criteria to which ADI has always devoted more attention to promote an innovative approach, shared, inclusive, cross-disciplinary design, which express values ??like usability and interaction.

ADI so rewards the commitment of this young brand that has evolved its production in recent years towards empathetic accessories for all ages and for the whole family, which differ from the traditional market supply: aids that everyone likes thanks to their appeal and practicality and add an important value for the safety and comfort.


Tuck-Type will be shown in the exhibition presenting 237 product candidates for the Award, inaugurated in Milan at Palazzo Isimbardi on June 14th, togheter with the awards ceremony of the XXIV Compasso d’Oro ADI.


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28.05.2016 Arper supports the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2016

Arper supports “Taking Care – progettare per il bene comune/Designing for the common good” and the Italian Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale 2016 curated by TAMassociati.


TAKING CARE, the theme of the Italian Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia, curated by TAMassociati (Massimo Lepore, Raul Pantaleo, Simone Sfriso) in line with “Reporting from the Front” by the director of the Architecture Biennale 2016, Alejandro Aravena, tells of architecture created with the communities.

A definitely social view of architecture developed in three sections, ‘Thinking’, ‘Meeting, and ‘Acting’: an exploration on the theme of the common good, a review of the most interesting projects in this area and, above all, a specific call to action.


The section entitled ‘Acting’ is the highlight of the exhibition, and hosts the aliases of five structures that have been conceived to offer direct intervention in Italian areas of marginality: mobile modules designed by five Italian design studios in collaboration with just as many humanitarian organisations: AIB (the Italian Library Association), Emergency, Legambiente, Libera, UISP (the Italian Association of Sport for All).

The modules will be built and made roadworthy to become concrete tools for promoting social improvement and protection.


The creation of the vehicle for Emergency is supported by Arper, an Italian company that manufactures and distributes design furniture for the contract sector all over the world. Established in 1989, today Arper is a leading global business with an innovative and cultured way of thinking that encourages sustainable choices, from materials to processes, from the environment to the focus on the individual.


As Claudio Feltrin, President of Arper, states: “We chose to support this initiative because we believe that businesses have an important social responsibility. Supporting the Emergency module in providing medical care and cultural mediation in the area gives Arper the opportunity to contribute to the common good through decisive action, by raising awareness on issues regarding health, which is not only a value but also a fundamental right of our society.”


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27.05.2016 Tecno opens its first flagship store in Tokyo

Tecno opens its first flagship store in Tokyo, in the charming Daikanyama neighbourhood.

A space of approximately 300 mq in collaboration with Team Iwakiri, the prestigious international architecture studio specialised in turnkey projects.

On show inside the flagship store is a wide selection of the collection united by the distinctive design that characterises Tecno products: from the classic P40 and D70 by Osvaldo Borsani to more recent products such as the Vela seats by Lievore Altherr Molina, the Archipelago sofa system and the Beta workstation system, plus of course the Nomos table designed by Foster + Partners.

Tecno, already operating in the Japanese market since the 1970s, confirms its pivotal role in the international design scene, making its know-how in production, in project design and technological innovation available to the Japanese architectural community.

The flagship store will be coordinated by Tecno Design Tokyo, a team of professionals able to dialogue with major Japanese clients and architectural firms, offering solutions for work spaces, public areas and homes. The space is therefore a meeting point where architects, contractors and developers can develop tailor-made proposals for clients, drawing on cross-sector expertise.


Tecno flagship store Tokyo
Sarugaku_cyo 11_1
La Fuente - Daikanyama



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12.05-02.07.2016 Nomos by Tecno into the Craft+Manufacture exhibition in London

The Nomos table, first industrial design product conceived by Foster + Partners, will be one of the main characters at the Craft + Manufacture exhibition launching at the prestigious Aram Gallery in London on May 12th.

Designed in 1986, with its structure conceived as a solid zoomorphic skeleton, the Nomos table’s striking appearance and refined design have made it one of the most recognisable products of international design obtaining the Compasso d’Oro prize in 1987.

Nomos is highly adaptable to various applications, from individual desks to multiple workstations. The tubular metal structure can be paired with several tops typologies: from tempered extra-clear glass to high pressure laminates, stones and cement. 

Other than chrome and white or dark grey powder lacquer,  the structure is enriched by a new elegant polished black nickel finish. 

Nomos is part of the Foster + Partners exhibition which will host an array of furniture, fittings, products and lighting developed over the years since the first table sketch in 1981. Models, prototypes, photographs, and finished products will illustrate the industrial design team history, philosophy and integrated approach to design across many diverse projects.

Aram Gallery, founded in 2002 in the heart of Covent Garden by Daniel Charny and Zeev Aram, is an independent gallery that throughout the years has gained international recognition and today represent a privileged space dedicated to experimentation and contemporary design and art.

The Aram Gallery
110 Drury Lane
Covent Garden
London WC2B 5SG

12th May - 2th July 2016

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10-13.05.2016 Bosa at Maison&objet Americas 2016, Miami

Bosa for the fist time at Maison&objet americas in Miami beach


From 10th to 13th April Bosa takes part at Maison&objet americas in Miami beach with the new collections designed by Nika Zupanc, Jaime Hayon, Matteo Cibic, Marc Sadler.

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12.04-17.05.2016 Lagoon debuts in Europe during the Milan Design Week

Lagoon makes its international debut in Milan during the Salone del Mobile.

At the Spazio Cernaia, the beautiful garden at the heart of Brera (Via Cernaia 1), the Taiwanese Lagoon company presents its new outdoor products, developed in cooperation with the Italian designers Baldessari e Baldessari and David Wang / Bod Design Taiwan.


A corporate strategy arising from Lagoon’s new design-oriented philosophy, focused on starting new business relationships in Europe. The company was fully aware of the importance of adopting international design concepts, and decided to cooperate with several designers for the first time in its history.

During the Design Week, Lagoon will recreate an “animated garden” at the Spazio Cernaia, which will house the new outdoor products; colourful backdrops will surround the external display promenade, continuing in the ground-level loft.

Light and transparent setups, such as the large display cases leaned on grass carpets, will surround the multi-coloured “accrochage” of chairs, displayed along a path that leads to the little theatre located at the back of the garden, where an installation comprising several thin stems, resembling flower stalks, will sustain an let the new Zigozago float in the air.

Sort of a flowered theatre, where the visitor can walk freely and touch the finishes and details of the new chair.

In the large basement, long, luminous and resounding walls/backcloths surround the new and existing Lagoon products and collections.


Lagoon, led by its CEO Peter Liu, is part of the Merry Yard International Enterprise Corporation, one of the leading Taiwanese groups with a turnover of 183 million US$ per year and over thirty years of experience, covering several product sectors in different areas, from furnishing, footwear and electronics, to hardware and toys.

The collections, already listed in the catalogue, include several plastic indoor and outdoor pieces of furniture, such as chairs, tables and rattan effect couches, all characterized by simple and functional lines, carefully studied proportions and accessible prices.

Lagoon has at its disposal the most advanced moulding technologies, thanks to large corporate investments, with eight assembly lines and a production capacity of one million pieces per year; furthermore, the company has an environmentally sustainable ethic; its products can be easily disassembled and are produced with eco-friendly materials, in compliance with international safety standards and certifications.



> Exhibit designed by Baldessari e Baldessari

> New products:

    Zigozago - designed by Baldessari e Baldessari

    Papillon - designed by David Wang / Bod Design Taiwan





The installation

11.04.2016 Tecno "Connections, Connectors & Connectivity" by Migliore+Servetto

Tecno: Connections, Connectors & Connectivity


Tecno has interpreted the Milanese Fuorisalone, realizing an impressive outdoor installation, conceptual interpreter of the historical company’s contemporary project themes, that has its showroom in Milan, inside the former Caselli Daziari in Piazza XXV Aprile. Tecno gathered under a wide rooftop made of thousands of red strings, all the people passed through during the design week, transforming the square in a resting place for the visitors and the pedestrians and in a meeting and exchange point for the lovers of the Italian design culture in the world.


Migliore+Servetto Architects interpret Tecno’s theme in a site specific installation: a dense network of red spatial connections emerging from the Caselli, home of the Milanese showroom, and embrace the outside square, thus building an unprecedented connection between the two Caselli. A flow of energy which passes through more than one kilometre of red elastic bands stretched between the two specular buildings: a dynamic, continuous mark of a story that connects interior and exterior.

The Square below this dense network turns into a urban living room, around four conical solids, used as seats and stages to present the products awarded or selected with the ADI Compasso D’Oro Award, for the project “Le Vie Del Compasso D’oro”. The solids have been designed to serve at the same time as seats and rest for the public that continuously pass through the Square.



Tecno Showroom

Caselli di Porta Garibaldi

Piazza XXV Aprile, Milan


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