01.12.2014-06.01.2015 De Castelli at the Gold Design exhibition in Arezzo

De Castelli, known for the production of design furniture in metals, has contributed in the exhibition "Design Gold" opened at Arezzo in the Palace of the Lay Fraternity December 1st

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21.11-15.12.2014 The exhibition "Lina Bo Bardi: Together" at Palazzo Giacomelli spazio Unindustria Treviso

Lina Bo Bardi: Together 

November 21st – December 15th 2014 

Palazzo Giacomelli, Piazza Garibaldi 13, Treviso - Italy

Curated by Noemi Blager 

Installation by Madelon Vriesendorp 

Video by Tapio Snellman 

Exhibit Design: Assemble 

Timeline: Renato Anelli 

The exhibition is promoted and organized by Arper

with the patrocinio of ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale 



The exhibition "Lina Bo Bardi: Together", curated by Noemi Blager, presents a reinterpretation of Lina Bo Bardi's heritage through the work of the artist Madelon Vriesendorp and videos by Tapio Snellman. The exhibition is part of the program of the XIII Settimana della Cultura d'Impresa di Confindustria and it will take place at Palazzo Giacomelli - Spazio Unindustria Treviso.

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23-23.10.2014, H 10:00 International Carlo Scarpa Prize in Trieste

Thursday October 23 2014 h10 am - 6.30 pm
Sala Rosa Grande, Trieste, via Bottacin 4, parco dell’ex ospedale psichiatrico di San Giovanni

International day debate about the new experiences of "return to the land", main theme of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize 2014, organized by Benetton Foundation and Alexander Langer Foundation

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21-25.10.2014 Tecno participates to Orgatec 2014 in Cologne

Tecno participates to Orgatec 2014

Tecno participates to the fair Orgatec 2014 in Cologne and presents the three new office collections designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Daniele Del Missier, Gabriele e Oscar Buratti.
Exhibit design: studio Migliore+Servetto Architects.

Umbrella attends for the press office activities October 21 and 22, 2014.

Orgatec 2014, Cologne
October 21 - 25, 2014
Hall 6.1 Stand A070 B071

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21-25.10.2014 Arper participates to Orgatec 2014 in Cologne

Arper participates to Orgatec 2014 and organizes the conversations "Meet the Designer"

Arper participates to the fair Orgatec 2014 and organizes the conversations "Meet the Designer" scheduled at 12.30am the 21 and 22 October with Claudio Feltrin - CEO of the company - and the designers Rizzini Fattorini & Partners and Lievore Altherr Molina to present the three important new office collections about the theme "Work-Life".

Conversations "Meet the Designer"
October 21 and 22, h12,30 am
Hall 10.2 stand J019 K018
Orgatec 2014, Cologne

Umbrella attends for the press office activities October 21 and 22, 2014.

Orgatec 2014, Cologne
October 21 - 25, 2014
Hall 10.2 stand J019 K018

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21-25.10.2014 Arper, “Innovationspreis Architektur + Office” to Kinesit

The office chair Kinesit, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, was awarded yesterday during the awards ceremony. The jury issued the following statement to motivate the award: “Kinesit Arper is impressive for the high level of comfort achieved thanks to the fully adjustable seat and backrest, making this office chair extremely simple and easy to use. In particular, the jury praised the characteristic silhouette of the seat and backrest which marks Kinesit out from other office chairs characterized by a forced functionality. The jury admired Kinesit’s design, described as simple and young”.

The Kinesit chair was first presented at Cologne’s Orgatec 2014 trade fair. It boasts a light, minimal design while achieving full compliance with regulatory requirements and technical specifications.

The jury, composed of leading experts in the furnishing sector, evaluated the 64 applications from 40 companies. The products that competed for the “Architecture & Office Innovation Award” are on display in stand 11.2 of the Fair and will also be published in a special issue of AIT 12/2014 and in “xia intelligente architektur”.

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25.09-05.10.2014, H 19:00 Tecno "Living the city, a Voyage in Food & Design"

Tecno presents the project "Living the city, a Voyage in Food & Design"

September 25th – October 5th 2014

Villa Sormani, Mariano Comense (Como, Italy)


September 25th, h 7.00 pm vernissage


Abitare la città, un Viaggio tra Food&Design -Living the city, a Voyage in Food & Design- is a project conceived by Alessia Galimberti to bring together the worlds of design and food. Part of the events for Sistema Brianza Experience – Expo 2015, the project that results from collaboration between Tecno – a historic company in Italian manufacturing – the town of Mariano Comense and La Rimessa restaurant aims to redevelop the area through dialogue between town planning, design, food and manufacturing, cultural and commercial activities.

On the occasion, Villa Sormani is transformed into a Living Showroom with some examples of the historical collections -such us Arcipelago, P40 and Nomos-, in which to retrace the various stages in the history of the Tecno company, and a Temporary Restaurant dedicated to typical dishes from traditional Italian cuisine.  

Taking part in the inauguration, in addition to Giuliano Mosconi, CEO of Tecno who will introduce the important developments in Tecno design over the last sixty years, Fabrizio Sala, Under-Secretary for Expo 2015; Giovanni Marchisio, mayor of Mariano Comense; Simona Finessi, Treasurer of the National ADI; Alessia Galimberti, creative director of Abitare la città and Mattia Poggi, Alice Sky TV chef.


Living the city, a Voyage in Food & Design

September 25th – October 5th 2014

Villa Sormani, Mariano Comense (Como, Italy)



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04.09-05.10.2014 Exhibition "Lina Bo Bardi: Together" at La Triennale in Milan

Triennale Design Museum and Arper present a reinterpretation of  Lina Bo Bardi spirit and design philosophy. The exhibition celebrates Bo Bardi’s process as one of open engagement with culture, place and people. Curated by Noemi Blager, the exhibition combines the arts and crafts of artist Madelon Vriesendorp and filmmaker Tapio Snellman.


Lina Bo Bardi: Together

September 4th – October 5th 2014

Triennale di Milano

Curated by Noemí Blager

installation by Madelon Vriesendorp

Film by Tapio Snellman

Photos by Ioana Marinescu

Exhibit Design by Assemble

Timeline by Renato Anelli

The exhibition is a collaboration between Arper and Triennale Design Museum






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04.06-23.11.2014 De Castelli with Cino Zucchi for the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice

An “Archimbuto” (“Archi-funnel”) for the Italian Pavilion

Designed by Cino Zucchi and built by the De Castelli company from Treviso, it’s the portal for the Italian Pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice


Designed by Milanese architect Cino Zucchi and built and sponsored by De Castelli, directly from the province of Treviso comes the most powerful outdoor element in the highly anticipated Italian Pavilion at the soon-to-open 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

Cino Zucchi – curator of the Pavilion on commission from MIBACT – has designed a large portal made of acid-finished Cor-ten steel. The portal, affectionately nicknamed “Archimbuto”, the ‘Archi-funnel’, because of its shape which harmonizes with the existing space and welcomes the visitors to the exhibition, enhances the expressive potential of the metal, thanks to the development of a special finish that highlights the typical colour range of steel – from gray to brown to blue.

The project marks yet another step forward in the excellent understanding between the architect from Milan and the company founded in the Veneto region, which began two years ago with the installation ‘Copycat. Empathy and Envy as form-makers’ created for the 13th Architecture Biennale, the only Italian project that won an Honourable Mention from the international jury of the Exhibition.

This year, the portal designed by Zucchi offered De Castelli not only an exceptional exhibition venue, behind Sansovino’s seventeenth-century Gaggiandre in the Arsenale and not far from the extraordinary nineteenth-century metal hydraulic crane that was recently restored by MIBACT, but also a further stimulus to pursue its experimentations into the wide range of expressive possibilities offered by metal, innovating the hand-made production processes that have always been the distinguishing characteristic of the company founded in Cornuda by Albino Celato.

This company, which has cultivated a family tradition that can boast three generations of metalworkers, has chosen to depart from the current models of metalworking to develop an absolutely contemporary perception, which at the scale of architecture and design refines both the most advanced industrial frontiers in this field and the crafting skills typical of the Venetian piedmont area, developing innovative finishes and production processes to serve their collaboration with famous Italian and international designers.

The large curved portal of the Italian Pavilion will act as a ‘visual amplifier’ to funnel the visitors into the exhibition curated by Zucchi, which under the title ‘Innesti_Grafting’ will explore the repercussions of modernity in Italy, the theme suggested to the National Pavilions by the director of the 2014 Biennale Rem Koolhaas.

Anchored to a cement platform, consisting in 163 panels for a total height of 10 meters and weighing 6 tons, the portal thus is also an explicit materialization of the title of the exhibition: ‘grafting’ contemporary creativity onto the ancient and beautiful spaces of the Arsenale, it is also a ‘link’ between inside and outside, the public dimension of the visitor itineraries and the more sheltered and reflexive enjoyment of the exhibition.






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09-10.05.2014 International Carlo Scarpa Prize XXV ed. / Public events in Treviso

The Jury of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize, promoted by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, has dedicated the XXV edition to Osma?e and Brežani, two villages in Podrinje, a region of eastern Bosnia.


On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May 2014 the cultural campaign of the Prize XXV edition will have its most important appointments in Treviso.


Friday 9th May, 6 pm Public lecture and opening of the exhibition on the prize-winning site - Treviso, auditorium spazi Bomben


Saturday 10th May, 9.30 am-1.30 pm Seminar on the award-winning place - Treviso, auditorium spazi Bomben 


Saturday 10th May, 5-7 pm Public ceremony to present the Prize to those responsible for the designated place - Treviso, Municipal Theatre


All the events on the program are open to the public, admission free.





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25.03.2014, H 11.00 International Carlo Scarpa Prize XXV ed. / Triennale di Milano

First press conference and presentation of the XXV edition of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize, promoted by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, Treviso (Italy).


The International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens is a campaign of studies and awareness raising of a site which is particularly rich in natural, historical and creative values, instituted in 1990 and organized every year since by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche. For 2014, the Jury has decided to award the xxv annual Prize to a place in the geographical, historical and cultural area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the vicinity of Srebrenica, an area that inevitably prompts reflections on the contradiction between the beauty of nature and the still omnipresent signs of war, and where agriculture, forestry and stock-breeding are the focus of an experiment of small dimensions but immense significance.



Domenico Luciani, Chairman of the Jury of the Carlo Scarpa Prize

Edi Rabini, Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung

Luigi Barbieri, Centro Pace Venice City Council



Marco Tamaro, Director of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche



Patrizia Boschiero, Assistant coordinator of the Carlo Scarpa Prize

Luigi Latini, Member of the Jury of the Carlo Scarpa Prize


25th March 2014, h 11 am

Triennale di Milano, Room Lab

Via Alemagna 6


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