The 24th edition of International Carlo Scarpa Prize is dedicated to Skrúður (Skrudur), Núpur in Iceland. A vegetable garden near the shores of the Dýrafjörður, one of the fjords that indent the western part of Iceland, in the far north of the country, just a few kilometres from the Arctic Circle. Laid out on an incline facing south-west towards the inlet, it is backed by a grim chain of much eroded mountains and in front lies barren land sloping down to the edge of the fjord. Beside it stand the school, a church and the farm of Núpur where, at the beginning of the xx century, a community launched a social improvement project that in such terrain and such a place represents a challenge to extreme environmental conditions: working the land and nurturing a process designed to cultivate knowledge, well-being, education and social emancipation.



May 10th, 6 pm - Lecture and opening of Exhibition / Spazi Bomben, Auditorium

May 11th, 9.30 am - Seminar / Spazi Bomben, Auditorium - Treviso
May 11th, 5 pm - Prize Award ceremony / Teatro Comunale - Treviso
May 12th, 6 pm - Concert of Icelandic music / Spazi Bomben, Auditorium - Treviso


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