The 26th edition of International Carlo Scarpa Prize is dedicated to Maredolce-La Favara, which lies at the heart of the Brancaccio district of Palermo in the area that has come to be known as the “Conca d’Oro”. Maredolce-La Favara is today a vast depression in the ground, what in the past was a huge reservoir, with a still recognisable, irregularly shaped island at its centre and a magnificent palace standing on the edge of this concavity with ranks of recently-built houses close by on two sides. Within the hollow, an area covering about twenty-five hectares contains a complex system of structures, hydraulic devices and an enormous citrus orchard, as well as the Norman palace.



May 7th, 12 pm - Second press conference / FBSR spazi Bomben - Treviso

May 8th, 6 pm - Lecture and opening of Exhibition / FBSR spazi Bomben - Treviso

May 9th, 9.30 am - Seminar / FBSR spazi Bomben - Treviso

May 9th, 5 pm - Prize Award ceremony / Teatro Comunale - Treviso


Foreign Meetings

September 18th, 16 pm - Presentation at Institut du Monde Arabe de Paris - Paris

October 9th - Presentation at Alhambra - Granada

November 6th-7th - Presentation in Palermo


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