TECNO: Clavis

Clavis is a collection of tables, designed by Centro Progetti Tecno with Daniele del Missier.

A project idea sprung from a new, instantaneous, evolved gesture; synthesis of increasingly agile, flexible and adaptable contemporary work. 

Clavis is flexible as it can reconfigure itself according to changes of the relationship between individual space and community space.

A set of basic elements makes Clavis configurability adaptable to multiple applications. The system design includes different heights of the top, while the progressive height adjustment can be made manually or automatically.

The patented coupling joint is the heart of Clavis project. It is a simple and immediate link, joining the structural frame components for fast and unlimited configuration possibilities. Clavis can be composed immediately, in a “tool-free way”, thanks to its patented joint and a basic series of industrially-manufactured components. Hands, first tool of human being, are the only needs of the system, which can be assembled and disassembled in varied ways.

The tables can be equiped with a series of storage components, accessories and drawers and it allows to integrate io.T – The Intelligence of Tecno – creating smart and interconnected workspaces. 


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