At Milano Design Week in the showroom of the Porta Garibaldi Excise Buildings (Caselli), Tecno presented "La Fabbrica del Progetto", an experiential and photographic exhibition pathway among its realisations of design, its iconic furnishings and its recent innovative systems, to explore the backstage of design by recounting a kind of total project, concerning not only the making of but also the evolution of the company itself.

Thanks to expertise that integrates the culture of craftsmanship with digital technologies, in-depth knowledge of materials and constant exchange with clients, Tecno has brought into being designs – products and architecture – that are unique and distinctive both aesthetically and in terms of technical characteristics.

To confirm precisely this reality "Tecno: The Project" a 450-page publication dedicated to the realisation of projects: the result of long-term work on accounts, recognition and selection by the Tecno marketing department, the story gathers together the most significant projects entrdusted to Tecno by companies, international groups and public institutions. 

In the Fairground Tecno fitted into the Workplace3.0 theme 2017 with the concept of "Redesigning the future of the future work". In a large space, Tecno demonstrated the new products, the historic icons and above all the innovation of io.T Intelligence of Tecno, a smart system of connected furnishings with the capacity for integration with IT systems, devices and hubs. Tecno presents a system of tables, seats and partitions designed for contemporary working, furnishings that aim to enhance environmental comfort and the well-being of users.

Since 2014 Umbrella collaborates with Tecno about media relations and public relations. www.tecnospa.com


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