Tecno is set to participate in the Orgatec 2014, Modern Office & Facility event in Cologne, the world's biggest 'modern office' fair.

Tecno has been synonymous with Italian design ever since its formation in the early 1950s.

Tecno's new proposals for Cologne 2014 revolve around a number of key concepts such as versatility, flexibility, division and aggregation, aiming to propose effective solutions to current problems linked to ever-evolving working environments.

Bringing together advanced technology and aesthetic quality are the new W80 partition wall , which can be fully equipped and customised for optimum flexibility, designed to integrate all kinds of technology and characterised by exceptional finish versatility, and MULTY, the new office partitions system based on a single sound-absorbent partition panel that can be combined with others in modular solutions, responding to the need for reconfiguration of work environments.

VELA seating, available in a range of models and finishes, represents the culmination of a study on the versatility of work spaces and the progressive trend towards new lifestyles that increasingly combine home life and work.

The layout, entrusted to Migliore + Servetto Architects, envisages a two-fold appreciation of the exterior and interior of the booth, providing greater insight into three separate narratives that revolve around the chair, the partition element and the wall system.


In 2014 Umbrella starts collaborating with Tecno about media relations and public relations. www.tecnospa.com

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