Villa Bice

In 1974 Evelina Bazzo choosed the historical spaces of Villa Bice, still Farsetti Ravà, to exercise her profession as communicator, officially founding Umbrella in 1980.

Still today Umbrella’s headquarter, the villa, built in the late eighteenth century by the venetian patrician Giuseppe Tommaso Farsetti just outside Treviso’s wall, consists of a residential central body flanked by two slightly lower and arrears symmetrical volumes, which face towards the main road; inside, the frescoes of the famous painter Francesco Domenico Fontebasso, a contemporary of Tiepolo and active in the eighteenth century venetian area, decorate the entrance hall, stairs and the first floor hall.

Villa Bice is also completed by its park, rich of secular trees.


A book dedicated to Villa Bice's history and artistic value was published in October 2011.