De Marchi Verona

The brand is an evolution of the family tradition in porcelain processing. This step is a journey of research that modernises the material, with results that are unlike anything before surface coverings, arising from an entirely made-in-Italy process.


Via Albero, 21 – 37040

Roveredo di Guà (VR)

De Marchi Verona: porcelain for architectural projects
De Marchi Verona: porcelain surfaces for architectural projects ph Andrea Maino
De Marchi Verona confirms its path of innovation in porcelain, defining new applications that are expressed in surfaces for interior design and external coverings for architectural projects.
De Marchi Verona presents Cadenza collection by Kejun Li
CADENZA Collection - De Marchi Verona ph Andrea Maino
De Marchi Verona presents at Alcova during MDW24 Cadenza, the new porcelain coverings collection: a dynamic composition with intense and brilliant colours. It's created by designer Kejun Li, who transfers his engineering skills to the decor project.
De Marchi Verona's porcelain surfaces at EDIT Napoli
De Marchi Verona @ EDIT Napoli 2023
De Marchi Verona participates at EDIT Napoli by presenting its precious porcelain surfaces: an innovative project of high craftsmanship, initiated with the art direction of Giacomo Totti, which evolves the company's expertise by interpreting this ancient and valuable material in the form of a wall cladding.
De Marchi Verona: porcelain for surfaces
Calipso, design by Giacomo Totti x De Marchi Verona
De Marchi Verona's porcelain surfaces are elegant three-dimensional compositions that decorate with precious metallic hues, muted or intense color palettes, and unique textures to make indoor environments and outdoor coverings incomparable.
De Marchi Verona @ Alcova 2023
De Marchi Verona @ Alcova 2023
De Marchi Verona breaks into Milan Design Week 2023 with a precious and innovative project where porcelain becomes a wall covering for the first time, ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.
New porcelain surfaces by De Marchi Verona
Maya, design by Giacomo Totti x De Marchi Verona
Picturesque backgrounds, geometric volumes and totem-like elements made from porcelain create the space De Marchi Verona in Alcova 2023, transforming it into a dreamlike casket reflecting the sophisticated language of the Art director Giacomo Totti.

This ‘industrial laboratory’ has given rise to finely manufactured collections that offer exceptional performance: porcelain is in fact recognised as one of the most durable materials there are, as it is unchanged by pollution, weather, and fluctuations in temperature, which make it ideal as wall coverings and external façades. De Marchi porcelains are composed of three-dimensional modules that can be combined in different configurations. De Marchi porcelains are customizable, high-performance and durable, resistant to weathering and temperature changes, and waterproof.

Oniric Matter Collection

In addition to the intrinsic value of the material, the richness of surfaces is amplified by the eclectic style introduced by Art Director Giacomo Totti. With sophisticated references and refined aesthetics, he transports this age-old craft into the contemporary era, turning it into an innovative product in which exclusivity and personality abound.