A transversal approach to functional typologies and market segments that focuses on relationships: between products and spaces, spaces and people, between people themselves. "Together" is the fil rouge that expresses Arper's values, which find their synthesis in a design that supports the versatility of essential forms.
Iconic projects that have made the history of design and now produced exclusively by B-Line, return as the protagonists of everyday home and office settings, along with the chairs and furniture accessories that display a complete array of materials and delineate a landscape of multifunctional furniture.

A colourful and imaginative world of decorative objects, functional accessories, domestic talismans and small gifts. Design objects that enter the scenarios of everyday life and speak of those special moments in our lives in poetic and unconventional ways.
De Castelli
A Metal Projects Factory which evolved, to quote the words of its founder Albino Celato, from «a good manufacturing company that fabricated ideas» to an editor that inspires original ideas and experimentations, promoting «projects in which metal is the protagonist».

EVER Life Design
EVER Life Design is synonymous with design, quality and innovation: transversal products that reinvent the space of the bathroom and express levity and multifunctionality, using the language of design to translate the company's research, focused on a human-care approach.
Lithea reinvents the face of the lithic material which has infinite and inadvertent varieties fully classing it as one of the contemporary materials. From its headquarters in Sicily, the company opens itself up to a worldwide distribution promoting a modern vision of stone and marble with a typically Italian flavour.

Tecno is a "project factory": with high quality products that bring together the culture of craftsmanship and digital innovation, the company thinks in both industrial and design terms at the international scale, linking technical skills with computer science, technology with design.

Seed Collection, design Prospero Rasulo
Objects must be little masterpieces of quality and harmony: this idea describes the path followed in recent years by Valdama in the field of bathroom design, a direction in research dedicated to the experimentation with forms, the innovation of materials, the study of colour.
Zanotta is one of the companies that have contributed most significantly to the history of design, interpreting the design culture in products and languages that introduce a consistently modern and recognizable vision.