A transversal approach to functional typologies and market segments that focuses on relationships: between products and spaces, spaces and people, between people themselves. "Together" is the fil rouge that expresses Arper's values, which find their synthesis in a design that supports the versatility of essential forms.
Jack, design Zanellato/Bortotto
Sleep culture is at the core of this international brand, merging artisan knowledge, industrial logic and passion for detail. Bolzan research projects are developed by a high quality product policy that uses natural, recyclable and certified materials.

A colourful and imaginative world of decorative objects, functional accessories, domestic talismans and small gifts. Bosa objects waltz into everyday scenarios, evoking the stories of our special life moments in poetic and unconventional ways.
Cosentino Italia
Cosentino Headquarter - Almeria, Spain
Cosentino Group, a family-owned Spanish company based in Almeria, Spain, is a leader in the global market for innovative and technologically advanced surfaces for the world of architecture and design. The Group's strategy is founded on international expansion, research, innovation, and sustainability of products and production systems.

De Castelli
A Metal Projects Factory which evolved - to quote the words of its founder Albino Celato - from «a good manufacturing company that fabricated ideas» to an editor who inspires original ideas and experimentations, promoting «projects in which metal is the protagonist».
De Marchi Verona
Oniric Matter Collection
The brand is an evolution of the family tradition in porcelain processing. This step is a journey of research that modernises the material, with results that are unlike anything before surface coverings, arising from an entirely made-in-Italy process.

Del Savio 1910
Marble Patterns
On the anniversary marking the 110th years from the inauguration of the company, Del Savio Marmi reinvents itself to become Del Savio 1910. The new-found atelier develops the ancient art of Palladian flooring to valorise its distinguishing traits with a contemporary touch
Fuoripista Bike by Elite
Fuoripista Bike, design Adriano Design
The innovative bike for the home fitness by Elite, one of the biggest players in the world in the accessories and indoor cycling technologies market, is the first product of a new brand it is a different take on sports activities: not only about athleticism, it is an actual lifestyle aimed at introducing beauty, elegance and formal simplicity values to Elite's consolidated experience.

iDOGI - Parthenon luminous wall
With a name that is already synonymous with noble Venice (the Doges), iDOGI has been creating stately light masterpieces: a spell that combines ancient art, technical skills and technological expertise to make up rich creations, distinguished by their sheer size, and brought to life by the lighting concealed within.
Torre La Bella Vita | Taichung, Taiwan, 2021 | Progetto architettonico: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel | ph: Millspace
The culture of light as a component of social innovation is the distinctive element of iGuzzini, which for more than sixty years has collaborated with the best architects, lighting designers and engineering studios to realise innovative and performing lighting projects, able to enhance architecture and spaces.

Tracce, design Martinelli Venezia
Lithea reinvents the face of the lithic material which has infinite and inadvertent varieties fully classing it as one of the contemporary materials. From its headquarters in Sicily, the company opens itself up to a worldwide distribution promoting a modern vision of stone and marble with a typically Italian flavour.
Tecno is a "project factory": with high quality products that bring together the culture of craftsmanship and digital innovation, the company thinks in both industrial and design terms at the international scale, linking technical skills with computer science, technology with design.

Lake House, Casa sul lago, Lago di Como - Italia | Project by Adriano Design
Vimec, one of the major European players in the accessibility sector, has intercepted this new approach to the home lift sector, has started a process of repositioning and expansion aimed at supporting growth objectives.