With a name that is already synonymous with noble Venice (the Doges), iDOGI has been creating stately light masterpieces: a spell that combines ancient art, technical skills and technological expertise to make up rich creations, distinguished by their sheer size, and brought to life by the lighting concealed within.


Via dell’Avena, 15
30175 Venice – Italy

iDOGI shines at Salone with its extraordinary architectures of light
iDOGI - Parthenon luminous wall
iDOGI is exhibiting at the fair with two spaces: at the Salone del Mobile, the remarkable works take you on a breathtaking journey that starts in Venice and conjures up new, fabulous worlds; and at the Salone del Bagno, visitors are greeted by a scenic spa that amazes and enchants.

Since 1968 iDogi blends creativity and craftsmanship creating outstanding works where the ancient processes of Venetian glass making are brought into the present by experimenting with forms and colours, combined with the very latest lighting technologies.

iDOGI - Parthenon luminous wall

There are thousands of Murano-blown glass decorations that, together with crystal pieces, make up these spectacular architectures of light. Each one is unique: lamps, tables, partitions, balustrades, mirrors, and door portals – all designed and then created especially for the world’s most exclusive contexts.