De Castelli

A Metal Projects Factory which evolved - to quote the words of its founder Albino Celato - from «a good manufacturing company that fabricated ideas» to an editor who inspires original ideas and experimentations, promoting «projects in which metal is the protagonist».

De Castelli Srl

Via delle Industrie, 10
31035 Crocetta
del Montello (TV)

ORNAMENTUM by De Castelli: artistic perspectives on metal erosion
Ornamentum research by De Castelli ph Matteo Dei Maddalena
With Ornamentum, De Castelli returns to the essence of decoration, emphasizing the deliberate slowness of manual gesture: aligning notions of chemistry, mechanics and art history to restore the authors hand to the engraving technique. 31 designers are involved to realize a personal interpretation of it.
De Castelli presents Light&Shade wall sconces by Adele Martelli
De Castelli Light&shade by Adele Martelli ph Alberto Parise
De Castelli presents at Salone del Mobile 2024 Light&Shade design by Adele Martelli: a sophisticated collection of metal wall sconces evoking the atmosphere and hues of dawn and sunset.
De Castelli presents Flocks by Matteo Zorzenoni
Flocks collection by Matteo Zorzenoni ph Alberto Parise
At Salone del Mobile 2024 will be present the new Flocks table collection: designed by Matteo Zorzenoni for De Castelli, the collection is inspired by the sinuous and hypnotic movement of flocks of birds in the autumn sky.
Network al Femminile | appointment number 3
Francesca Celato, 2023 | Portrait by Lea Anouchinsky
Do you know Francesca Celato? She continues the appointment that each week tells about some women professionals in the world of design. A Network al Femminile in which different stories, experiences and sensibilities are interwoven, but also a conversation among women. Today we introduce Francesca Celato, Communication & Store Manager De Castelli.
De Castelli with Para-Vimento by Giampiero Bodino at EDIT Napoli
Para-Vimento by Giampiero Bodino at EDIT Napoli ph Laila Pozzo
In exhibition at EDIT Napoli the highly precious room divider that translates the designer's eclecticism and the company's unparalleled expertise, resulting in a visually captivating decorative piece.
Losanga is the metal mosaic by De Castelli
De Castelli - Losanga collection ph Alberto Parise
A mosaic with rhomboidal tiles. Formal elegance and executive perfection characterize Losanga, the mosaic wall tile designed by Nikita Bettoni for De Castelli.
De Castelli @ 3daysofdesign | 7-9 June, Copenhagen
De Castelli brings the next stop of the Tracing Venice exhibition to Copenhagen on the occasion of 3daysofdesign. Zanellato/Bortotto's project inspired by the moccasins of Venice is on display in the Damilano showroom, Bredgade 65A - District: Designmuseum Danmark.
De Castelli with AMAA at the Architecture Biennale 2023
De Castelli with AMAA - It’s Kind of a Circular Story ph Mikael Olsson
For AMAA's IT'S KIND OF A CIRCULAR STORY project, exhibited at the Arsenale for La Biennale di Architettura 2023, De Castelli made the imposing brass table using scraps from the machining of its workshops.
Populus Alba at the Certosa for MAXXI
The installation Populus Alba by Formafantasma and Emanuele Coccia for the BioGrounds project
De Castelli's brass gives voice to the trees of the Certosa di Venezia with Formafantasma and Emanuele Coccia's installation Populus Alba for the BioGrounds project curated by Domitilla Dardi for the Maxxi Museo.
Metalsphere: Barausse + De Castelli
Dressed Up by Barausse + De Castelli
De Castelli at Milan Design Week
Glyphé research, De Castelli @ MDW 2023 ph Alberto Parise
Exhibition space at the fair, new set-up in the showroom and major special projects are the appointments that De Castelli will feature during MDW23
Vela: the new evocative table by De Castelli
Vela, design R&D De Castelli ph Alberto Parise
Vela is the new sculptural table by De Castelli that explores and enhances the different facets and possible applications of metal. Made in collaboration with Laboratorio Morseletto, Vela combines metal and marble in an unprecedented harmony of grafts that, through the fruitful interweaving between past and present, revives the timeless aesthetics of the Venetian seminato.
De Castelli awarded with Archiproducts Design Award 2022
The ADA 2022 jury selected Sculpt by De Castelli for the design and uniqueness of the product: the essential yet sculptural brass console designed by Francesco Forcellini is the maximum expression of the ancient hammering and rounding techniques of metals taken up and innovated by the company.
Sculpt: the new sideboard by De Castelli
Sculpt, design Francesco Forcellini ph Alberto Parise
Among the new products presented by De Castelli within the Biomorphic project, the Sculpt sideboard by Francesco Forcellini is the maximum expression of the ancient hammering and curving techniques used and innovated by the company.
De Castelli: On the surface
Copycat, design Cino Zucchi
The metal as a surface provides a second skin to the architecture, creating a wide palette of shapes, patterns, tactile effects and deep colors. The wall and floor coverings of De Castelli are distinguished by the high quality of construction and the contribution of high craftsmanship techniques that make them unique on the international scene.
De Castelli: Canneto Collection
Canneto Consolle, design Adriano Design ph Alberto Parise
Among the new products presented by De Castelli at the Salone del Mobile 2022,  a console and a cabinet expand the Canneto collection, started with the Barista mobile bar and designed by Adriano Design. A fluting composed of vertical rods of different diameters in brushed metal create the irregular undulations and the fascinating interplay of reflections that define the sculptural volumes of this collection. 
BIOMORPHIC: Research as a value
Biomorphic | De Castelli - Salone del Mobile 2022 ph Alberto Parise
Biomorphic is the research conducted by De Castelli and presented at Salone 2022: a long study on long-forgotten artisanal techniques such as hammering, once used in the late 1800s, which gave rise to metal products with organic and natural shapes.
Tracing Venice... in Milan!
Tracing Venice | De Castelli Showroom, Via Visconti di Modrone 20, Milano
De Castelli presents the exhibition Tracing Venice: a tribute to the uniqueness of Venice and the preciousness of the mosaics of St Mark’s Basilica, interpreted by designers Zanellato/Bortotto
De Castelli in Homo Faber 2022
Tracing Venice, Homo Faber 2022
From April 10 to May 1 2022, De Castelli participates in Homo Faber, the international exhibition that promotes artisanal talent, to present the installation Tracing Venice, born from the collaboration with the designers Zanellato/Bortotto.
De Castelli Christmas Cocktail 2021
De Castelli Christmas Cocktail 2021
De Castelli Christmas cocktail 2021 together with the Italian press at the new showroom in Milan.
De Castelli for the Together exhibition at Negozio Olivetti designed by Carlo Scarpa in Venice
De Castelli for Together Exhibition in Venice - Negozio Olivetti ph Paolo Sostenio
De Castelli is partner of the Together exhibition by the Architect Lauria at Negozio Olivetti designed by Carlo Scarpa in Venice
De Castelli @MilanDesignWeek 2021
De Castelli, Milan Design Week 2021
Metals, with their infinite variations of three-dimensional textures, surprising finishes and shimmering hues, have been turned into site-specific surfaces, unique products and special editions @supersalone: Padiglione 4 Corsia G01 @showroom: Via Visconti di Modrone 20
De Castelli per Samsung
Mare Blue, Chef Collection Samsung with DeMarea finishing by Castelli
The Korean giant, Samsung, has chosen De Castelli for its line of luxury home appliances: a special version of the Chef Collection refrigerator is made with the DeMarea finish.
De Castelli: new showroom in Milan
The library of materials in the new De Castelli showroom in Milan ph Marco Menghi
De Castelli has opened the new showroom designed by Cino Zucchi Architetti in Milan, Via Visconti di Modrone 20: a place designed for relations and to develop projects, but also a space conceived as a "manifesto" to display its extraordinary research on metals.
28.04.2021, h. 18
E-meeting with Cino Zucchi
De Castelli: «L’amore difficile tra matita e bullone» with Cino Zucchi
«L’amore difficile tra matita e bullone», an excursus by Cino Zucchi, with the première of the short movie by Francesca Molteni.
De Castelli "Copper At Home"
Wave, Lanzavecchia + Wai | Barista, Adriano Design | Burraco, Zanellato/Bortotto | Alpha, Martinelli Venezia ph Alberto Parise
The new De Castelli project is dedicated to the home and the copper interpreted in four new products: the natural beauty of this metal returns to prominence to exploit its antibacterial properties.
A new showroom in Milan for De Castelli
De Castelli new showroom in Milan, project by Cino Zucchi ph sketch credits by Cino Zucchi
De Castelli opens a new showroom in Milan, with a project by Cino Zucchi
Drops by Zanellato/Bortotto for De Castelli
Drops, design Zanellato/Bortotto for De Castelli, 2020 ph Alberto Parise
Drops is a family of coffee tables in three different sizes, inspired by the unexpected, irregular shapes of water droplets on a surface. Their soft, familiar lines embody the skilled craftsmanship and artisan know-how of De Castelli, which has revived the traditional technique of manually hammering and shaping copper.
The three new products by De Castelli exploit the antibacterial properties of the copper
COPPER AT HOME is the new De Castelli project dedicated to the home: the company teamed up with Lanzavecchia + Wai, Martinelli Venezia Studio and Zanellato/Bortotto to exploit the antibacterial properties of the copper. The products will be unveiled for the first time at EDIT Napoli.
Copper will help us
Research on copper antibacterial by De Castelli
Building upon this news from the scientific community, De Castelli is embarking upon an innovative project in collaboration with university researchers, to swiftly develop a production method capable of eliminating the need for any surface treatment on copper (thus far used to maintain its chromatic effects), by experimenting with different oxidation processes and phases with the aim of preserving its antibacterial properties as much as possible.
Three awards for De Castelli
Alchemy, design Stormo Studio ph Alberto Parise
Two new awards for De Castelli in 2020: Wallpaper* Design Award to Alchemy collection, design Stormo and Good Design Award to Graffio cabinet, designed by Paolo Benevelli. These prizes arrive after the selection of DecoDe by Pino Scaglione into the ADI Design Index, at the end of 2019.
De Castelli DecoDe selected for ADI Design Index 2019
DecoDe, design Pino Scaglione ph Alberto Parise
DecoDe, the collection of sound-proofing hexagon metal modules designed by Pino Scaglione, has been selected in the Index 2019 and is part of the next Compasso d'Oro Award. A functional, technological, sustainable and aesthetic solution that adopts an innovative laser cutting and drilling system designed specifically for this project.
De Castelli and Lithea at EDIT Napoli
De Castelli and Lithea showcase their most expressive projects made with special metallic finishes and precious stones. They are realities of excellence that matches a contemporary language with the talented craftsmanship, representing those values ​​that EDIT promotes: sophisticated creative research and high quality production processes.
De Castelli Private Party at Palazzo Litta
De Castelli has partnered with The Litta Variation/Opus 5 to create Echo, an immersive installation from the Pezo von Ellrichshausen studio. De Castelli has designed the structure and a super-mirror surface that seamlessly covers the entire installation. For this occasion, De Castelli will throw a private party into the stunning frame of Palazzo Litta on Wednesday 10 April.
De Castelli at S.Project
De Castelli - Metal Project Factory ph Alberto Parise
De Castelli has doubled its exhibition space at the Salone del Mobile.Milano, invited to the new interior-design-focused S.Project pavilion, with an installation that presents its full range of furniture collections and surfaces. (Hall 22, stand C37-C39)
De Castelli for Maserati
De Castelli at Maserati Stand, Geneva Motor Show 2019
At Geneva Motor Show, De Castelli presents the interior panels for the new Maserati Quattroporte SQ4 Granlusso, created specially for the Casa del Tridente, in order to offer unique and exclusive customization's possibilities to the Maserati top clients.
Yoko by Leonardo Sonnoli for De castelli wins the Wallpaper Award
Yoko, design Leonardo Sonnoli ph Alberto Parise
Yoko, the black metal sheet module system with brushed copper or brass inserts designed by Leonardo Sonnoli for De Castelli, has been awarded by Wallpaper, the world’s most important design, fashion and lifestyle magazine.
De Castelli
at Cersaie Bologna
De Castelli Cersaie ph Alberto Parise
Metal total look: De Castelli presents the new surfaces made with exclusive materials and precious finishes, born from the ongoing experimentation carried on by a company involved in widening its project skills constantly. (Hall 22, Stand B59)
Founded in 2003 by Albino Celato and heir to a long tradition in metal manufacturing, De Castelli is now internationally renowned for introducing design as a new language in a dialogue between crafting expertise and advanced technology. In addition to the furniture developed in collaboration with famous designers which contributed to establishing the brand, the company has developed new surface solutions that enhance the potential of metals, in an on-going effort of research and experimentation with metal finishes.
Officine De Castelli

ph Gianluca Vassallo

In recent years, the company has increasingly focused on collaborations with international architects, leading to prestigious architectural commissions and special projects for the Architecture Biennale in Venice and Milano Expo. It has furthermore developed partnerships with important companies in the design field. De Castelli’s headquarters, located in Crocetta del Montello (Treviso), host its "workshops" and a rich materials library, a place dedicated to designers to illustrate De Castelli's know-how and inspire ideas and impressions, which may also be found with a complete array of metals and finishes in the Flagship Store in Milan-Corso Monforte.