A colourful and imaginative world of decorative objects, functional accessories, domestic talismans and small gifts. Bosa objects waltz into everyday scenarios, evoking the stories of our special life moments in poetic and unconventional ways.

Bosa Srl

Via Molini 44
31030 Borso
del Grappa (TV)

Éric Hibelot per Bosa
Lune Rousse vases collection design Èric Hibelot x Bosa
A collection of vases with rounded shapes in precarious balance, enhanced by instinctive design and primary colors: this is the language of the French artist and designer expressed through Bosa's high craftsmanship ceramics.
A tribute to Cini Boeri by Elena Salmistraro per Bosa
Cini Boeri - Most Illustrious collection by Elena Salmistraro
The "Most Illustrious" family, born from the cooperation between Bosa and Elena Salmistraro welcomes Cini Boeri during the year of the 100th anniversary of her birth. A tribute collection and an homage to the great masters of Italian design and to their most iconic designs.
Oasis ceramic collection by Sara Ricciardi x Bosa
Oasis Solar Disc Bird vases by Sara Ricciardi x Bosa
Bosa presents the Oasis collection designed by Sara Ricciardi at Salone del Mobile 2024 : a place of peace and protection for lush vegetation and amazing animals.
Bosa @ MDW24 with The Forest Spirits by Aleksandra Zeromska
The Forests Spirits collection by Aleksandra Zeromska
The Forest Spirits is a collection of decorated ceramic objects/sculpture designed by Aleksandra Zeromska that combines the imagery of Polish folklore with an intimate relationship with forests and nature. Will be exhibit at Salone del Mobile.Milano - Bosa Hall 22 stand L18
Bosa in Paris: two new collections by Sara Ricciardi and Aleksandra Zeromska
Bosa - Maison&Objet Paris 2024 invitation
Bosa returns to the 2024 edition of the Parisian fair inside a stand in the delicate shade of pastel yellow: it's a fantastic universe that Bosa presents at Maison&Objet with two new collections of refined hand-decorated objects in ceramics, that convey with strenght and elegance the imagination of the artists that designed them. BOSA a Maison&Objet – hall 7, stand D115/E116
A Special Christmas by Bosa
Karl Lagerfeld x Bosa, Pop Karl e Rock Karl
To celebrate Christmas, two Special Editions 2023 resulting from prestigious collaborations with the Maison Karl Lagerfeld and the American Warner Bros. studios. Pop Karl and Rock Karl designed by Elena Salmistraro and Nika Zupanc, respectively, a Karl Lagerfeld x Bosa project celebrating the iconic designer, and The Shiny Bugs, design Vittorio Gennari, the outcome of the partnership with Warner Bros. to celebrate 100 years of the world's most famous studios.
Network al Femminile | appointment number 5
Francesca Bosa, 2023 | Portrait by Lea Anouchinsky
Do you know Francesca Bosa? Like every Tuesday, here we are right on time with the appointment that introduces you to some women professionals in the world of design. A Network al Femminile in which different stories, experiences and sensibilities are intertwined, but also a conversation among women. Today we are with Francesca Bosa, Art Director of Bosa Ceramiche.
BOSA's new collections in Paris for Maison&Objet
Bosa - Invitation for Paris Maison&Objet
An explosion of spontaneity, lightness, joy: Bosa returns to the fall edition of the Parisian fair with an exhibition space designed by Jaime Hayon in pastel yellow.
Bosa in Maison&Objet with the new masks TRIBU
TRIBU, design Jaime Hayon ph Riccardo Urnato
Bosa at the Maison&Objet fair brings the creative soul of the brand with its surprising universe of handmade ceramic objects. Among the novelties of 2023 on display, Bosa exhibits TRIBU, the new masks designed by the artist and designer Jaime Hayon who, through refined colours and fantastic shapes, reveal the folkloric and surreal inspiration of the collection.
Bosa | Gifts that Give Back to Wildlife
Dab Penguin, design Vittorio Gennari
Animals in danger of extinction, curious and colourful, populate the imaginative zoomorphic universe of Bosa, telling the company’s project for endangered species.
Bosa | The five sisters by Pepa Reverter
Sisters - Louise, Madagascar edition - design Pepa Reverter ph Marcela Grassi
Designed by Pepa Reverter for Bosa, Sisters is the oneiric collection of ceramic vase-sculptures, a tribute to women of all cultures and times. Inspired by charismatic female figures such as Louise Bourgeois, Frida Khalo, Helen Frankenthaler and Clara Campoamor, the Sisters of Pepa Reverter are five imaginative presences and protectors.
A smile will save us
Sphere - Limited Edition Smiley's 50th Anniversary | by André Saraiva
To celebrate the birthday of the most famous smiley symbol in the world, Bosa has collaborated with Smiley to create a limited edition of its bestseller Sphere with illustrations by Andre Saraiva and a special edition of its iconic Dab Penguin. Highlighting the affinity between the two companies that have made joy and positive energy their distinctive value, Bosa's products wear fresh and funny graphics, reminding us that maybe a smile is all we need to save the world.
Bosa new mascotte
Margot, design Alessandra Baldereschi
In a natural landscape drawn by greenery and vegetation, Bosa colorful animals peep out and tell the story of the project started by the company in 2020 dedicated to endangered species. The sea turtle MARGOT, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, testifies to Bosa’s commitment to animals threatened by climate change and the support that the company has decided to give to the WWF.
Bosa @supersalone
Bosa, supersalone 2021
Fantasy, joy, and colour are the keywords of the exhibition to be held by Bosa at the supersalone Pavilion 4 Corsia G03
Bosa with Elena Salmistraro interprets Minnie. Hello Urban Minerva!
Urban Minerva, Elena Salmistraro by Bosa for Disney ph Riccardo Urnato
The exclusive collaboration between Bosa and Disney has doubled: Minnie is here to keep Mickey company. Designed by Elena Salmistraro, Urban Minerva is a hip, modern metropolitan goddess bursting with energy, finely crafted in ceramic and embellished with colourful and precious enamel details.
Bosa with Elena Salmistraro for the new Minnie Mouse by Disney
Urban Minerva by Bosa for Disney | design Elena Salmistraro, 2021
Urbam Minerva by Elena Salmistraro, born from the exclusive collaboration between Bosa and Disney.
Bosa with Hayon for EDIT CULT
Ceramic Tower by Jaime Hayon x Bosa at Museo Filangieri in Naples ph Elio Rosato | courtesy Edit Napoli 2020
"Ceramic Tower" by Jaime Hayon for Bosa at Museo Filangieri during EDIT Napoli 2020
Baile, the new Hayon's collection for Bosa
Bosa | Baile collection by Jaime Hayon ph Riccardo Urnato
Like at some glorious ball, the best selling products designed by Jaime Hayon for Bosa like to conceal their identities with graphic features and vibrant colours in this new Baile collection.
Bosa at Maison&Objet 2020
Dab Penguin, design Vittorio Gennari 2020 ph Alberto Parise
Bosa in support of animals threatened by climate change! The hyper décor Bernardo panda designed by Elena Salmistraro and the low-poly Dab Penguin by Vittorio Gennari will mark the start of a new project dedicated to nature and and endangered species.
Bosa at Maison&Objet September
At M&O September Bosa presents his wonderful universe of threedimensional characters and surface. A suitable stage to show the ironic Maestro Vase by Jaime Hayon who joins TheatreHayon, and the collection of Bossanova coffee tables designed by Pepa Reverter. In Paris Bosa will exhibit again Mickey Forever Young, the precious Mickey Mouse designed by Elena Salmistraro born from the special Bosa-Disney partnership.
Bosa at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019
Bosa shocases at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 Mickey Forever Young, the rocking Mickey Mouse born from the distinct creativity of Elena Salmistraro, together with the ironic Maestro Vase by Jaime Hayon and the coffee tables collection designed by Pepa Reverter. (Hall 16 stand C37)
Bosa at Maison&Objet
Bosa shocases in Paris the most creative core and décor of the brand with its wonderful universe of three-dimensional characters and surfaces: accessories for the home and table with sought-after details, special finishes, refined colour palettes. Bosa will also exhibit for the first time Mickey Forever Young (Hall 5A, Stand R10).
Mickey Forever Young
A precious collector's item, a special collaboration Bosa-Disney to celebrate 90 years of the world's most famous mouse. Elena Salmistraro interprets the spirit of joy and vitality that represents Mickey and it is distributed worldwide in Bosa and selected Disney showrooms from November, right on time for the anniversary (18 November).

Bosa, a Venetian and international laboratory, has been innovating ceramics since 1976 by creating entirely hand-made objects and furnishing accessories. Its continuous scouting effort, its relationship with the most promising designers – who interpret ceramics with eloquent and emotional languages – and its consolidated skills and manufacturing experience have brought to this brand worldwide recognition and the means to face numerous design challenges.

Hopebird, design Jaime Hayon

Special products inspired by the highest crafting expertise and characterised by unique colours and finishes, such as precious metals and enamel, Bosa objects are the result of the company’s constant commitment to experimentation and research. They have been selected for important collections, themed exhibitions and international museums.