Fuoripista Bike by Elite

The innovative bike for the home fitness by Elite, one of the biggest players in the world in the accessories and indoor cycling technologies market, is the first product of a new brand it is a different take on sports activities: not only about athleticism, it is an actual lifestyle aimed at introducing beauty, elegance and formal simplicity values to Elite's consolidated experience.


Via Fornaci 4
35014 Fontaniva (PD)

Fuoripista Bike proposes a totally new design compared to the typical formalities of sports equipment and speaks a new wellness and exercise language, inserting performance values into a sophisticated design approach with a strong aesthetic appeal: a furnishing asset that you can place indoors or outdoors (though always under a roof). The valuable, natural and sustainable materials and the particular silhouette compose a high-quality product, refined to the minutest details: it's an object to show off that ensures ergonomic solutions, cutting-edge technological contents and certified technical accuracy.


Fuoripista Bike, design Adriano Design

Thanks to the top notch functional features and indoor cycling's most technologically advanced equipment, it's possible to experiment with any type of training, at the same time monitoring all of your performance data and connect both to the virtual coach and to the community. This bike is designed to always fit perfectly as both the saddle and the handlebar are adjustable, so you can personalize it based on your body type and thus always maintain the proper posture while training. The Fuoripista Bike also employs a very quiet technology that makes it possible for you to pedal anytime and under any circumstance.