Za:Za is in the ADI Design Index 2023
Za:Za by Zaven | Zanotta, 2022
Zanotta enters the 2023 selection with the Za:Za sofa designed by Zaven and competes in this way for the XXVIII edition of the Compasso d'Oro 2024, on the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the award established in 1954.
Network al Femminile | appointment number 2
Marta Zanotta, 2023 | Portrait by Lea Anouchinsky
Do you know Marta Zanotta? The appointment that each week tells about some women professionals in the world of design continues. A Network al Femminile in which different stories, experiences and sensibilities are interwoven, but also an intimate conversation between women. Today we present Marta Zanotta, Zanotta Marketing & Communication Manager.
Quaderna: continuous experimentation
Quaderna Mirror - Zanotta 2023 ph Omar Sartor
The manifesto series of radical design, designed by Superstudio for Zanotta, expands with three brand-new pieces: the mirror, a storage unit for the living room and a cupboard for the dining room. The new products implement the functionality and the product types of the collection while remaining faithful to the original "Superidea".
Tweed Marble: material trait
Tweed Marble - Zanotta 2023 ph Omar Sartor
Designing the surface of a top with the natural veining of the material is the identifying concept of Zanotta's Tweed family of high and low tables - design by García Cumini -, which this year is expanded with the introduction of an original version in Striato Marmo Olimpico, Tweed Marble. The marked horizontal gray veins innate in the stone become a graphic and decorative sign.
Galeotta & Sciangai 50: icons with narrative power
Galeotta - Zanotta 2023 ph Omar Sartor
Zanotta presents two new editions of historic designs signed by the famous trio De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi: Sciangai 50, a colourful version of the 1973 coat stand, and Galeotta, the re-edition of the 1968 convertible armchair. Design intuitions translated into functional objects; icons that cross eras and remain protagonists; interpreters of the evolutions of lifestyle and costume that dialogue with people in an empathic relationship.
Zanotta @ 3daysofdesign | 7-9 June, Copenhagen
Zanotta will be in Copenhagen as guest of Paustian v/ Strøgetper to participate at 3daysofdesign, the Danish kermesse dedicated to design recognized as one of the most attractive and interesting events in the field on the international scene. The flagship products of Zanotta collection 2023 will be displayed in the suggestive location in the city center, once the headquarters of one of Denmark's oldest banks, and narrated during the talk "Zanotta: a Pioneer vision in the Italian Design industry since 1954," on Friday, June 9 h 3 pm, guests Calvi Brambilla and Zaven.
Nena Lounge & Bumper: comfort in bold
Nena Lounge e Bumper - Zanotta 2023 ph Omar Sartor
In Zanotta collection 2023, the soft sculpted volumes of the Bumper sofa and Nena Lounge armchair stand out: design concepts identified by a bold aesthetic character declined on three levels of comfort - structural base, seat and back - overlapping in a game of proportions carefully designed to accommodate and guarantee maximum comfort. Developed from a modular and collection perspective, they are the answer to the needs of public and private spaces.
Bol & Daisy: sophisticated naturalness
Bol e Daisy - Zanotta 2023 ph Omar Sartor
New pieces from Zanotta collection 2023: essential shapes and fluid volumes hide complex designs and construction solutions. Modular the table by Zaven, stackable the chair by Mist-o, two versatile products that adapt to different spaces and lifestyles, becoming the interpreters of contemporary, dynamic, multifaceted and eclectic living.
Zanotta @ Milano Design Week 2023
Zanotta at Milano Design Week 2023
Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone. Double date with Zanotta who is taking part in Milano Design Week 2023, confirming its trade fair attendance, with a new exhibition space, as well as in town, at Zanotta House, in Piazza XXV Aprile, in the heart of the Brera District. The 2023 collection includes three unprecedented pieces, the extension of three existing families, a restyled version of a historic concept and a special unlimited numbered edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the brand’s most iconic and identifying products.
Zanotta awarded with Archiproducts Design Award 2022
Zanotta entrusts the Art Direction of the brand to architects Calvi Brambilla. The assignment focuses on directing and supervising aspects that contribute to expressing Zanotta's personality and global image - from product to communication - with the goal of conveying the future vision on contemporary living through a strong identity consistent with its history. The appointment represents a natural evolution of the consolidated and long-lasting partnership between Zanotta and the two designers Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla, who over the years, at trade fairs and institutional events, have been the creators of the exhibit design and curators of evocative narratives capable of narrating Zanotta's identity and philosophy.
Zanotta awarded with Archiproducts Design Award 2022
The ADA 2022 Jury awarded the Za:Za sofa designed by Zaven which introduces a new construction system inspired by the hammock principle welcoming the upholstered elements made with regenerated polyester.
Karelia by Zanotta | People are often so boring. At least design shouldn't be! 
Zanotta has relaunched this year Karelia, the iconic pop and unconventional armchair designed by the Finnish Liisi Beckmann in 1966. Renewed in proportions, enhanced by a new sustainable fabric cover in bright and changing colors and improved in comfort, Karelia is an original seat with a strong personality that fits in any environment characterizing it. A design object to give.
Zanotta: Nena Collection
Nena Stool: The comfort of the hug. The Nena collection, designed by Lanzavecchia+Wai for Zanotta, is enriched with the new high stool, a project that focuses on the theme of comfort expressed by a recognizable aesthetic in soft and enveloping volumes and a sartorial language. Nena Stool combines a distinctive design and a comfort difficult to match in this particular type of seating. The generous padding of the seat and backrest ensures a comfortable position even when sitting for a long time.
Zanotta: Campiello+
Zanotta re-edited the Campiello+ cocoon armchair designed in 1984 by De Pas D'Urbino Lomazzi and characterized by a rigid, curved and wide back that wraps and protects offering privacy and comfort. The seat is now suspended on a rotating conical base that gives dynamism and lightens the volume. The backrest shell in multi-layered wood covered in cowhide pigmentato 90 is finished with tone-on-tone stitching with a hand-painted, raw-cut edge that gives it a contemporary and elegant look. The polyurethane seat is enriched by a layer of recycled and recyclable polyester chips also used for the padding of the two overlapping cushions.
Zanotta: Noah sofa & Toto small tables
Noah by Damian Williamson is a modular sofa system, for all spaces & needs, synonymous with flexibility, timeless elegance, modularity and comfort: an ideal sofa both for large or small residential spaces and for contract environments. Toto coffee tables by Bertrand Lejoly are the result of a material, chromatic and formal research: a versatile collection of support surfaces at different heights and widths with playful geometries and graphic elegance.
Za:Za | Soft as a cloud, cozy as a hammock
Za:Za Zanotta+Zaven. The monobloc sofa abandons the usual orthogonal ergonomic arrangement with flat base to introduce an innovative construction system inspired by the hammock principle that welcomes and suspends the seat cushions. In terms of sustainability it adopts new recycled and recyclable padding materials: it is easily disassembled and does not use glues.
Honorable Mention to Dan di Zanotta
The Dan chair by Zanotta designed by Patrick Norguet wins the Honourable Mention of the XXVII edition of the Compasso d'Oro ADI, a prestigious recognition of the high design quality attributed to the excellence of world design by an international jury.
Zanotta @ Milano Design Week 2022
At the Milan Design Week 2022, Zanotta presents presents the new collection: Re-connecting with people, with objects, and with Earth in a more sustainable way, which investigates the relationship between the product and people, explores the interaction between man and space, highlights the connections between quality design and attention to the planet for a more sustainable future.
RE-CONNECTING | The 2022 collection @ Zanotta House New York
May 10th to 17th – concurrently with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and during the NYCxDESIGN FESTIVAL – Zanotta presents RE-CONNECTING, the 2022 collection, in a world preview in New York inside the Zanotta House. The New Yorker house, located at 23 Cornelia street in Greenwich Village, is renewed and welcomes all the new products of this year.
Chequered since 1972
Quaderna is now 50. Zanotta celebrates this anniversary with three unprecedented projects. On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the Quaderna collection is supplemented by three new products: the desk and the coffee table, original projects from the Superstudio Misura Series M catalog and never produced before, plus a special piece, a carpet, derived from an unprecedented Istogramma from the Cristiano Toraldo di Francia Archive, a tribute by Zanotta to the Florentine group. 
Italian Design Day @ Zanotta House New York
The New Yorker edition of Italian Design Days has selected Zanotta House New York to host the debate on the subject “Re-generation, Design and New technologies for a sustainable future”. The event, promoted by Fabrizio Di Michele, Consul General of Italy in New York and Enrico Cavallari, CEO of Tecno and Zanotta in collaboration with ICE, is an opportunity to discuss the new challenges of urban and multi-scale regeneration that architects and designers must face to design a sustainable future. The focus of the round table is the sharing of new forms of dialogue and systemic, integrated and multidisciplinary strategies to environmental issues.
Not a one-night stand
WORLD SLEEP DAY | 18 MARCH 2022 Zanotta and Zzzzz begin with the same letter. And it is not a coincidence. To celebrate the World Sleep Day, a selection of Zanotta beds: characterized by a tailored and elegant design, they interpret the different ways of contemporary living and suggest furnishing solutions for the home and soft contract markets.
Sacco Small Special Edition
Zanotta has thought about the little ones and as holidays are approaching, it presents a special edition of Sacco Small, the children’s version of the iconic armchair designed by Gatti Paolini and Teodoro. Sacco Small Special Edition is also a project to support non-profit Recreational Therapy programs aimed at children suffering from pathologies.
Zanotta @ Fuorisalone 2021
A room could be a magic space and sometimes a whole universe. Come and visit the space Zanotta House Milano in Piazza XXV Aprile - Brera district - to discover the new Intimacy collection: the tale of a spaces that change over the time by sharing life and transformation with people who live there.
Zanotta House New York
Zanotta in a live streaming press conference presents Zanotta House New York: an house, a space that celebrates dialogue and relationships between people, a new business model.
Zanotta presents Dan Outdoor, 2021 Intimacy Collection
Radical, innovative, communicative. The chair with and without armrests, with its colored elastic straps structure is now also available for the outdoor version.An essential, contemporary and timeless project. Dan is a table chair, both indoor and outdoor, consisting of a few components: seat and back are made with polyester straps stretched and fixed on a slender structure with a retractable interlocking system. The bent and painted tubular steel frame is thin, simple and without screws.
Zanotta presents Tweed Mini, 2021 Intimacy Collection
Three new coffee tables, with irregular shapes, designed to complete the large sofa islands and offer a comfortable support at different heights. Sensitivity, intuition, synthesis, curiosity, empathy are the keywords of the design research of Garcia Cumini who have declined the function of the table for the sofa areas in three different formats - small, medium, large - starting from the observation of the social dynamics that take place in the living room and considering the interaction needs of several people.
Zanotta: on tour USA
Design will save the world.  Zanotta talks about its journey through North America to meet people again and to safeguard the relationships and ties built up over time. At the time when distance has become the norm, Zanotta embarks on a journey to shorten the distance with dealers, partners and friends around the United States: from one coast to the other of the Country, passing through the most iconic places. An on-the-road tour with the aim of reaching all the partners and being able to really meet them again. Not for the purpose of selling, but with the desire to be close to people.
Zanotta presents Maggiolina with fabric cover, News 2021
Zanotta, which has always paid great attention in the enhancement of the historic products in collection, proposes an unprecedented reading of the Maggiolina by Marco Zanuso, launching the version with upholstered elements covered in fabric, in accordance with the original design of 1947. The armchair, with ergonomic and welcoming comfort, looks even more contemporary because of the material contrast between the fabric of the cushions, the cowhide of the armrests and the body and the metal of the structure. In production by Zanotta since 1972, it is among the bestselling products icon of the brand, a symbol of Italian "good design", a functional and sustainable product, designed to last over time.
Zanotta presents Ambrosiano, 2021 Intimacy Collection
Understated, solid and modular, the new table system is designed for residential and contract settings developed by Zanotta in collaboration with the Mist-o design studio, is characterized by the formal synthesis, the research conducted into the materials, the ample choice of compositions, the multiple customisation opportunities and the environmental sustainability of the product.
Zanotta: Intimacy | Milano Design City 2021
From 12 to 23 April Zanotta participates to the Milano Design City 2021 program of initiatives by opening the doors of its showroom at the Porta Garibaldi toll booths with all the latest products from the Zanotta collection: Intimacy. Intimacy is also the sentiment of Zanotta's 2021 collection which, in continuity with the 2020 Back to emotions collection, interprets the need for authentic, concrete design expressed in objects full of meaning, functional but with a soul, conceived to accompany us throughout our lives.
Zanotta: Intimacy | Collection 2021
Save the date virtual event: Monday 12 April Zanotta presents Intimacy the 2021 collection.
Z: is now
Zanotta presents itself with a renewed visual language, more authentic and emotional. Shots of real life, frames of daily life and contemporary living. Not a photographic set, but twelve real houses, inhabited and lived by people, each with their own story, with their own life, with their own passions. A multifaceted journey with twelve stops and twelve personalities, authentic protagonists of their space.
The shape of the dream
Zanotta beds are synonymous with comfort and combine formal innovation with sophisticated textile solutions, tailored seams and functional technical details.
People love Sacco
Zanotta joins Milano Design City and opens the doors of its showroom at the Excise Buildings in Porta Garibaldi where all the new products are displayed. On the evening of September 30th the event "People love Sacco" will take place, with Olimpia Zagnoli and Miro Zagnoli interviewed by Marco Sammicheli. Two generations in comparison on the Sacco between illustration, photography and life stories.
Zanotta presents the book Carlo Mollino Designs
Wednesday 16 September in Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan at the Caselli Daziari showroom in Porta Garibaldi, Zanotta presents the book "Carlo Mollino Designs" published by Quodlibet: a new reading of the work of the great architect and designer by way of unpublished archival documents and in light of the mediation that has been carried out by Zanotta since 1981 helping to spread the interest around one of the most lively and versatile personalities of modern architecture.
Compasso d'Oro: Lifetime Achievement award for Sacco
Who better than Sacco can interpret the innovative strength of Italian design? In the year in which ADI inaugurates the Design Museum - where the collection of projects that have made the history of Made in Italy since 1954 will be displayed - the Association and the Foundation give Zanotta the Compasso d'Oro lifetime achievement award for the Sacco, an acknowledgment assigned for the very first time this year.
Zanotta Showroom Virtual Tour
Zanotta inaugurates the reopening of its Milan showroom at Casello Daziario in Piazza XXV Aprile, staging the daily life and refocusing on the core of the project with the products of the 2020 collection Back to emotions and the pieces of the recent Mollino CM collection. To make the visit of the Milanese showroom accessible to everyone, Zanotta has created a Virtual Tour of the renewed exhibition. An entirely digital experience allows to explore the Casello rooms by moving freely in the virtual space, while appreciating the brand’s new proposals and immersing in the settings of Back to emotions.
Zanotta Collection 2020
Back to emotions is the sentiment of Zanotta's 2020 collection, which interprets the need for more authentic, empathetic design, introducing a renewed scale of values into the relations between persons, furnishings and the home. Zanotta puts everyday life on centre stage. The products focus on essential, simple de- sign and the capacity to adapt to the needs of their users, offering emotion and quality of life.
Zanotta: Salva sempre la fantasia by Carlo Mollino
Zanotta - a brand that has always had a keen eye for the most innovative figures in the history of design - has made a significant contribution to the rediscovery of the designer Carlo Mollino. In 2020, following a meticulous process of research and technological development, Zanotta presents the Mollino Collection, featuring eight timeless objects for the domestic setting. The project was born as a reinterpretation of the Carlo Mollino collection that Zanotta created with meticulous attention and a semi-artisan production process. The polyhedric and eclectic character of Carlo Mollino's work perfectly expresses the Zanotta identity.
Zanotta: Christmas Cocktail 2019
Zanotta is pleased to invite you to exchange greetings.
Zanotta: Oliva wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2019
The armchair Oliva, designed by Constance Guisset for Zanotta has been awarded with the Archiproducts Design Awards 2019 in the “furniture” section, distinguishing for its concept and the sophisticated constructive solution that gathers functionality, ergonomics and formal aesthetic in a perfect balance.
Zanotta: Elipse selected for ADI Design Index 2019
Elipse, the chair designed by Patrick Jouin for Zanotta, was selected in the ADI Design Index 2019 for the innovative character of the project and is part of the next Compasso d'Oro Award. The indoor and outdoor seating is characterized by the circular hole made in the middle of the backrest which makes it easy to grip and becomes a focal point for virtuosity in construction expressed in its connection with the structure.
Zanotta: Sacco Goes Green
An icon of non-conformity, the Sacco celebrates 50 years: this symbol of the cultural transformation of 1968 returns renewed in a green edition, in recognition of the need for global change. Zanotta celebrates this anniversary by launching a numbered, limited edition collection: innovative and sustainable materials– both the internal padding and the cover, featuring a brand-new pattern designed by Pierre Charpin–elevate this iconic form while acknowledging our environmental responsibility.
Zanotta: new General Manager
Carlo Oliverio is the new General Manager of Zanotta spa. Two years after the acquisition by Tecno spa, Zanotta, led by the President and CEO Giuliano Mosconi, is implementing managerial processes and redefining the organizational structure and development strategies with the aim of interpreting the needs of new international consumers also with synergic group logics.
Zanotta: Quirinale Contemporaneo
Zanotta with the Arabesco coffee table and the Quaderna consolle was chosen to furnish the rooms of the Quirinale to represent the history of Design. "Quirinale Contemporaneo" is a project strongly desired by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella: from 2 June, on the occasion of the celebration of the Republic Day, works of art, furniture and design objects enter the 'House of Italians' to represent the contemporary living.
Zanotta: Milano Design Week 2019
Zanotta at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 presents the new interior collections to the international public. Urban Passion is the main theme of the Milan Design Week 2019 of the company: declined in the exhibit of the stand at the fair (Hall 16 Stand A23 - B20), the title is also found in the new installation at the showroom in Piazza XXV Aprile.
Zanotta at Imm Cologne
In the Cologne exhibition space, Zanotta shows he latest proposals and the design icons of the great masters in a sequence of house settings Made in Italy. Zanotta will also present two new products in Cologne developed with international renowned designers: Sebastian Herkner and Rodolfo Dordoni (Hall 11.2, Stand J30-K31).
Interno Milanese
Zanotta and Salvioni pay homage to the city of Milan with an exhibition and cultural project that recreates the atmosphere of a typical Milanese apartment. Opening with the welcome of Ercole Salvioni, the greetings of Giuliano Mosconi, the presence of Carlo Stanga – author of the illustrations – and the drinks by Bar Basso (7.00 pm opening, 6.00 pm press preview — Palazzo Salvioni, Via Durini 3).
Zanotta Lab - Headquarter Nova Milanese

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